Cottonwoods Farmgate

The Farmgate shop sits on the Cottonwoods property and showcases all the best fresh food and preserves from the farm and the surrounding region. With fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables all year round, there is an abundance of pesticide free local produce.

You’ll see organic eggs, and seasonal fruit and vegetables direct from Cottonwoods, including home grow garlic. Honey is sourced locally, and a selection of jams, chutneys, relishes and sauces are hand made in Cottonwoods, direct to you. Farmgate is a popular stop and shop destination, right on the main road.  

A fresh air stroll around Cottonwoods will showcase the abundance of fresh produce and the gorgeous herb gardens, and you’ll also see the garlic farm in action. A feature of the property, this pesticide free farm is planted in April, harvested in December, and provides a wonderful unique backdrop to your well-appointed country stay.